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Jean-Pierre Jeunet


Produzent: Jean-Marc Deschamps

Gesehen: 2003

Amelie is a young woman from the French countryside, working as a waitress in Paris. Her life changes when she makes a strange discovery in her apartment, and afterwards she tries with little tricks to improve the lives of the people around her.

Her family is a little bit dysfunctional, and so are many of the people around her. There is a guy who collects discarded photographs from a passport photo machine. They discover that they find discarded photographs of the same mysterious man in photo machines all over Paris, and decide to find out the secret of this man, and why he is taking so many passport photos of himself and discarding them later. There is an artist with glass bone disease, who doesn't dare to leave his apartment, and the friendly moron who works for the local grocer.

There are quite a few absurd and some extremely funny scenes in the movie. Amelie's mother, for example, dies under rather absurd circumstances. The "canonisation of Lady Di" is also rather funny.

In addition, Audrey Tatou is a really really cute actress. I've watched the movie in French with english subtitles, which makes it probably much better than the dubbed version.

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