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Quentin Tarantino

Pulp Fiction

Gesehen: 1998

I'm not sure whether I need to write anything about "Pulp Fiction". But it is one of my favourite movies. Not as gory as "From Dusk Till Dawn", it still has some Tarantino-like bloody scenes.

The main story line is on the intellectual level of a pulp fiction crime story, that's where it got it's name from. But the scenes are not played in order of happening, and only in the end, the watcher has some idea of how all of this fits together. There are several story lines intersecting: that of Vincent, a mobster who just returns from an assignment in Europe (in the drug business) and as first assignment back home has to entertain his boss' seductive new wife (without actually risking the wrath of his boss by getting too close to her). On another line, a professional boxer tries to raise his retirement money in his last match by setting up the outcome. On a third line, a young couple tries to rob a diner.

Some of the story borders on the absurd or the trivial, as when two gangsters on the way to killing someone discuss how best to give a foot massage to a woman, or why the McDonalds quarter pounder is named "Hamburger Royal" in Europe (because of the metric system).

In the end, a lot of people are dead and the watcher may know how all the scenes fit together.

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