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Michael Moore

Fahrenheit 9/11

Gesehen: 2005

After having watched "Bowling for Columbine", I found this movie a bit disappointing. Sure, Moore shows an impressive amount of facts, but not much convincing. There is a lot of footing on the Bush family's connection to the bin Laden family, yes, but it's widely known that the bin Ladens, with one exception, are respectable businesspeople, and there is no indication that they are actually providing support to their black sheep. The only thing that Moore digs out is that they have attended the wedding of one of Osama's sons. Quite thin.

About the PATRIOT act, Moore shows some cases of people affected by it, but apparently nothing serious, and he doesn't show how this is actually linked to the PATRIOT act.

I'd expected more material about the claim that Iraq had WMD, and to what degree that claim was bogus from the start. There was excellent coverage of that in news magazines in autumn 2003, so Moore should have had the material ready. Moore ridiculed the "Coalition of the Willing" by showing that some nations without an army were in it (Palau, Iceland), he ridiculed the other countries by showing silly movie scenes associated with those countries (a Viking dragon boat for Iceland, a scene from an old vampire movie for Romania, which does have an army), and he didn't mention the powerful countries that were part of the so-called coalition, too. No mentioning of Britain, for example.

That leaves the impression that Moore's documentary is as full of omissions and spin doctoring as the U.S. federal government's statements. Disappointing. You can't trust either one, so it's back to watching Al Jazeera, isn't it?

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