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Danny Boyle

The Beach

Produzent: Andrew Macdonald

Gesehen: 2004

Dies ist die Vefilmung zu The Beach

This is the film that makes the Ko Phi Phi ferries capsize ... when the boat passes Maya Beach on Ko Phi Phi Le, where the movie was shot, and all the girls rush to the side of the boat to see the sand where Leonardo Di Caprio put his feet. At least if Maya Beach is still there after the Tsunami.

The film (like the book) takes place on an unnamed island in the Ang Thong Marine Park in the Gulf of Siam (they take a trip by longtail boat from "The Beach" to Ko Pha Ngan, which would be more than 2000km from Ko Phi Phi, but is easy from the Marine Park). They just needed Maya Beach for the shooting.

I think the book is way better than the movie. The book is excellent, in particular if you consider that it's Garland's first. The movie is somehow average. The characters are divided into good or evil in the movie, while in the movie, everybody does good and bad things. There is sex in the movie where in the book is only wishful thinking, or in one case, nothing. The Thai guys, in the book, do not try to kill everybody. They just threaten.

This means that the movie is more of an adventure story with heroes and villains, while the book is more about characters and human nature.

But on the total the movie is not bad, it's actually quite good. Just not as good as the excellent book.

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